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LabLync HL7 Interfaces

  • AdvancedMD EMR
  • PracticeFusion EMR
  • PeachTree Medical Billing
  • XIFIN BIlling
  • Nextgen Healthcare
  • Greenway Health
  • Engagedx

HL7 Interface types

Unidirectional EMR/HL7 Interface
Bidirectional EMR/HL7 Interface
Monthly Unidirectional EMR/HL7 interface Service
Monthly Bidirectional EMR/HL7 interface Service
Lab Results Export/HL7 embedded Base64 Export
Lab Results Export/HL7 embedded Base64 Export
Lab Results Exported to EMR
Orders Imported from EMR
Billing Exported to Billing System
Demographics Import from EMR
Orders Exported to another system (Ref Lab)
Lab Results Imported from Reference Lab

LabLync core Installation


Includes Build out, 1 bi-directional Or 2 uni-directional instrument interfaces, plus 4 days onsite for install, training and instrument kit.

LabLync Training

ONE TIME FEE (optional)

Beyond initial training at set up: onsite fee assessed daily

HL7 Interface

ONE TIME FEE (Optional) Based on type of interface

HL7 Interface depending scope and need of client

Auto Fax

ONE TIME FEE (Optional)

Auto Fax Final Reports from system

LabLync Standard


Includes LabLync Standard Build, Site Branding, and onsite installation and training

LIS Report Customization

Price based on scope  (optional)

Final report customization.  Requisition listing reports, Batch result reports, and custom final report templates beyond the standard report templates provided

Automated Document Upload

ONE TIME FEE (Optional)

Service Clients can utilize to upload documents by scanning LIS barcode

Lab Reporter Portal


 Lab Reporter is for exclusive use with the Fisher Scientific INDIKO instrument. Includes Build Site build and Site Branding

LabLync Startup Kit


Hardware to complete Bi-Directional Instrument interface

Demographic Upload

ONE TIME FEE (optional)

Patient Demographic upload from existing platforms or Electronic Health Records.

Cost Per Sample Program

Reduce your front end investment and have the capabilities of a full featured Cloud Based LIS.
No hardware on site and pay per sample for your LIS.

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